Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm scared

I saw this post on Facebook the other day:

"I'm scared."

That was it.  Two words.  Maybe if you say it fast enough, one word..."I'mScared."  The response was phenomenal.  Comments were being left, left and right (or right and left if you're right handed):

"What's wrong?"  "Why?"  "Who scared you?  I'll kick their ass!"  "???"  and the best, "I had a scar once too, but I put some cream on it and it slowly faded away."

And then there were the 'likes'.  42 people liked this!  What the F?  Did these 42 people know the reason this person was scared?  Did they care?  Or did they just click on the 'like' button by mistake.  I did that once when a friend of mine made some depressing comment about their dog Gigi dying after 15 long, blissful years in the family.  I couldn't figure out how to cancel it.  I'm down one friend now.

This went on for a whole day and this person never explained what he/she meant by "I'm scared."  Silence on their part and this made it worse.  It drove people nuts so they just started making shit up:

"I heard he/she came out of the closet."  "Maybe the dog became violent."  "Carnies scare me!"  "Can I come over and hold you?"  "I had herpes once. Scared the crap out of me too!"  "Cabbage juice is good for your stomach.  Keeps everything flowing."

Those two terrifying words had created panic and bedlam among this person's 'friends' and if somebody didn't give them some information soon, they were going to shut the website down!

The next day, this person posted on their wall "Oops!  My bad!  I meant 'I'm seared'.  I'm fried... I got super sunburned at the beach.  Sorry."

Sheesh!!!   Tomorrow I'm gonna' try it.  I'll put:

"I'm worried."  instead of  "I'm hurried."  Or "I'm late." instead of  "I'm lame."  Or "I've got ointment." instead of  "I've got appointments."

Be careful what you type, it might just lead to embellishment...I mean embarrassment.

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