Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taking a Break

This is the 30th. post today and I've met my goal of posting for 30 days straight.  Some were good, some were awful and some were just OK, but I had fun and I stuck to it.  It's time to concentrate on polishing the manuscript and getting it ready to submit and I eagerly anticipate starting the next book.  I have a couple of good ideas.  We'll see which one talks to me the most.

I don't plan on abandoning the blog.  I will just calm it down a bit.  The pace of writing something everyday kept me busy and at times I felt like I was scrambling to come up with something new to talk about.  So, from now on, if I feel I have something to say, I'll say it here.  If I'm busy writing, I'll more than likely remain silent on the blog.  Just know I'm cranking out the next great novel (or in my case, the first great novel).  Ha!

Talk to you soon.

Rich Hale

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Liesl said...

I am proud of you Rich..30 days! I am excited for your first great novel!!

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