Monday, November 29, 2010

The Blog Theme

Someone asked me the other day, "What's your blog about?"  I didn't know what to say.  I thought for a minute and finally said, "It's about everything."

This person looked at me and said, "You mean it's about nothing."

"Pretty much," I said.  "But it's about everything too."  He just shook his head.

Does the blog need a theme?  I mean the title is my name.  Richard C Hale.  I know that's not really a theme, but the blog is pretty much me.  I'm kind of unpredictable and that's kind of what I wanted this to be.  I wanted it to be whatever I felt like at the moment.  If I'm feeling goofy, I'll write something goofy.  If I'm feeling melancholy, I'll write something sad.  If I'm feeling horny, I'll write something sad get the idea.

I did not want this to be about one thing or one theme.  I'd probably get bored quick.  I wanted it to be about whatever interests me at the moment.  Whatever happened to pique my interest for the day, or kept me up late at night.  Whatever whim or idea struck me as interesting or at the least, entertaining.  Sure, I may bore the reader sometimes, but that only means I may find something the next time that is special.

Maybe I could have a theme week periodically, like My Job Doesn't Pay Enough week, or I Hate Cats week, or even Cheese Gives Me Gas week.  I don't know...I don't think I could read a whole weeks worth of stuff on QVC:  Addiction or Affection, much less write about it.  Shoot me if I ever do.

So, as far as the Blog's theme?  I'll just leave it theme-less for now.  Actually, I'll leave it theme-less forever.  This is too much fun the way it is.


kbjaxx said...

Theme's like "sports talk" or "morning drive" or "conservative talk" ...I suppose that your blog is more central topic to revolve around. I like the "random thoughts from Richard" theme.

Richard C Hale said...

Now that one may be the only one I would consider. Thanks.

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