Thursday, November 25, 2010


My father was a Marine Aviator, flying the A4 Skyhawk during the early days of the Vietnam war.  I know the cost of that war weighed heavy on his heart throughout most of his adult life.  It took many years for him to be able to share his experience with me and I don't know if I ever thanked him.  He gave up so much and carried such a burden throughout his life so that his wife and children would be able to live happy and free.

Living the life of one who has never served, I find it hard to comprehend what my Father and all veterans face after the battle is over and life must somehow continue for them. 

These men and women deserve our thanks and on this day I give it.  Your dedication and sacrifice for me and my family, so that every thing we hold dear continues to bless this family and this nation, is a measure of your courage and fortitude.

Thank you for your service.

And always have been and always will be, my hero.

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Lisa said...

Touching, and nicely written;)


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