Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The Jags sit atop the AFC South for the first time in quite awhile.  Should we be excited?  Run outside and bang pots and pans with spoons yelling "Go Jaguars!"?  My neighbor across the street does this whenever the Gators win.  She has been suspiciously quiet this year. 

I think I'll wait to celebrate just a little longer.

It can be said that the 'Cardiac Cats' have been back over the last couple of weeks with two last second almost miracle wins that in the past, the old Jags would surely have lost.  A little luck has seemed to drop in their laps and I'm holding my breath hoping it will continue.  I do believe, though,  that if they are still atop the AFC South in a couple of weeks, the Jaguars stand a very good chance of making the playoffs. 

The defense has been playing better, even with the loss of Kampman, as the increase in sacks and interceptions has been fun to watch.  MJD had a great game and it's nice to see him juking and jiving down the field dragging linebackers along with him.  Great Job  Jags!  Keep it up.  We love ya!!!

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